How are you guys different than everyone else?

There are many great videographers in Arkansas! Many of whom we call our dear friends. We all work together to create a strong community of wedding vendors and promote the value of capturing couples’ most special day with heirloom films!

Rather than focus on our differences, what’s most important is that your videographer is a good fit for your wedding! You want to choose a videographer who adds joy, reduces stress, and brings out the best in those around you in addition to being trustworthy and competent. We are honored to be able to say that our couples have always enjoyed being around us almost as much as we loved being around them! We make every effort to ensure that we are prepared, respectful and, most importantly, FLEXIBLE to whatever comes our way on the big day!

Our best advice, consider the film, consider the value… but don’t book your videographer until you talk to them and consider the people!

What kind of equipment will you use at my wedding?

Both of us shoot with professional grade Canon DSLR’s and will occasionally use Canon C100’s or similar form-factor cameras should the need arise. We make every effort to use only available, natural light but we may utilize on-camera supplemental lighting during the reception as necessary. During the ceremony, we will capture audio from venue-provided sound support systems or field-recording device while also placing a lapel microphone on the groom with a small, concealable recording device to capture vows.

I need extra coverage time, can you guys do that?

Most certainly! If you know your wedding day is not going to fit in our window of coverage, we can adjust the package to suit your needs!

How long will it take for me to receive my film and how will it be delivered?

We want to make sure everything is absolutely perfect with your film, and to make sure we iron out all of the creases it takes about three months from the date of the wedding. We have close to 8 hours of footage to sort through consisting of hundreds of clips that need to be imported, edited, color-graded, audio-synced and exported and that takes time! Once we’re finished, you will receive a cloud-folder of your completed film(s), a shareable Vimeo link, and we will upload your film to Facebook at full-quality for sharing with family and friends.

Can I use my favorite song in my film?

Short answer, unfortunately, most likely no.

Longer answer, there are a few factors that come into play when it comes to music selection; namely music licensing laws and song structure. First, any songs that we use have to have licensing available so that we can legally use them in your film, and we’d like to avoid breaking the law at all costs! Also, there are particular characteristics that we need from a song in order for it to fit your footage perfectly! We know where there needs to be words, where there needs to be no words, where there needs to be an instrumental version for us to switch to, where it needs to build, where it needs to land, etc. Just trust us… (knock on wood) we’ve never picked a bad song and we’re pretty proud of that!

Do you guys only film weddings?

No! We’ve had the pleasure of working with many nonprofit organizations, businesses and other private events over the years and we would love to talk with you about your non-wedding videography needs! Just give us a shout!