Why Hire a Wedding Videographer?

In the past few years, videography has taken its place next to photography as a staple of capturing wedding days as technology and social media have made it simple to share our precious moments with practically anyone around the world.

Besides the obvious advantage of having a cinematic treasure to remember one of the most important days of your life, there are many other perks to making sure a videographer is on your "must have" vendor list!

  1. Let the light in. It never hurts to have more than one artistic eye making sure every moment is captured in the best light. While most photographers bring their own light with them wherever they go, videographers commonly rely on available light and do everything they can to make the scene "as it was" as beautifully lit as possible. This makes for a more beautiful "day of" as well as a beautiful film after.
  2. It's all in the details. You spend countless hours making sure every flower, napkin, candle is in the right place and you need to make sure that hard work doesn't go unnoticed! By having both a photographer and videographer, you double your odds that the lyric sheet from the song playing when you first fell in love that you had framed and placed on table 12 will be captured forever.
  3. Technology always works, until it doesn't. Cameras, memory cards, flashes, you name it have all been known at some time or other to fail. By hiring both a photographer and a videographer, again you double your odds that your walk down the aisle, first kiss, first dance, or grand exit won't slip into history undocumented.
  4. Experience the full day, even with limited patience. Studies show that on average, someone will click through 20-25 photographs before moving on from your album forcing you to either curate your top 25 photos from sometimes over 1,000 or leaving important parts of your wedding unshared. By consolidating your wedding day into a 3-5 or 7-10 minute video, you dramatically increase your viewership and make your entire wedding day far more accessible than a large photo album.
  5. If a picture says a thousand words, how many would 24 per second say? By no means are we discounting the value of wedding photography, but seldom does a photo capture the motion, subtlety, and emotion of some of your most precious moments. We've heard time and time again how our videos were able to bring the couples right back to the very moment the groom saw his bride in her dress for the first time walking down the aisle, when they kissed as man and wife for the first time, how happy they were as they danced in front of their loved ones, how the bride felt in the arms of her father on the dance floor... these are the moments when videography captures what photos simply cannot.

With each wedding we have the pleasure of filming, we are reminded how much pure emotion and love we are able to send through our lens and that's the reason we love what we do. We can't imagine not having had our own wedding video and always encourage every couple we meet to not end up regretting the decision to forgo a videographer. If you would like more information about our wedding videography services please visit us here for film examples, pricing, and contact info. We look forward to being a part of your wedding day and can't wait hear from you!