While the 24th was my lovely wife and I's two year anniversary, today (the 26th) marks the 3 year anniversary of the first ever wedding film we were able to capture! Our dear friends Michelle & Adam St. Louis gave us our first opportunity to dive into the world of wedding film and I'm so grateful for the grace and trust they showed in doing so! Without them, there may very well have never been an Everglow Productions!

Looking back at those 3 years, a mix of part-time meandering and full-time hustle, I've learned an incredible amount about what it takes to be a successful videographer/business owner and at the same time the vast amount of knowledge I still have yet to acquire! I just thought I'd share a few tidbits with the few that read this post in hopes that something might spark for the person that needs it.

1. Pride = Stagnation.

I can't tell you how long it's taken me to get this in my thick skull. People who've known me for any given time can tell you I HATE to be wrong, and I HATE not knowing something. It's been very recently that I've experienced the most progress in my craft simply because I learned that the only way to better yourself is to let others refine you.

Not so long ago, I almost hated watching other videographers work simply because it made me feel inadequate. I would be very selective about who I would even show my work to because I knew they'd be blown away with what I had produced. However, during that time, I LEARNED NOTHING. My work stagnated, and as a result my passion dwindled.

Recently, I've been diving into the work of people who are far better than me, reaching out for criticism from professionals I admire, and as a result my production value has blossomed into something I didn't believe I was capable of. Please, I beg you, do not let your PRIDE get in the way of your PROGRESS!

2. Invest in people.

Whether it's been clients, co-workers, etc. I have the most fun and do my best work when I enjoy the people I'm with; and the only way to do ensure that is to invest in them. I'm talking about actually getting to know your clients, living life with the people you work with, and while still respecting the business aspect of your relationship, finding ways to break that barrier and show that you're HUMAN. There are times when my attendance at a wedding simply feels like the fulfillment of a contract... and IT SUCKS; but I actually have fun and feel that I create more beautiful artwork when I'm truly invested.

3. Organization is the key!

Of course I preach this from a cluttered office at the moment due to the insanity of our recent schedule, but I can not even express to you how wonderful it feels to know that everything has a place and everything's in it's place. This past week I've been drudging through our annual spring DATA cleaning and wow, I had no idea how much of a COMPLETE MESS I was living life in. Thankfully, now everything is organized, backed up, archived, cleaned out... and man is life sweet again!

Lastly, I'll leave you guys with the "before and after" of sorts. While I still believe that the St. Louis' wedding video is beautiful, captured the day so well, and I know they still enjoy it to this day, it's just crazy to see how far we've come in capturing quality video that couples will cherish for a life time!



If you have any questions or comments please leave them below, I'd love to hear other people's pointers for growing in your craft! Thanks again for reading!